"All of you tribal echidna warriors! Can't you see us? We Forerunners have struggled to live! I am 100 years old!"

-Commander Lochagos to the echidnas

Commander Lochagos, also known as Mr. Black by the humans and the echidnas and Uncle Creepy by Metal Knuckles is an Promethean Knight whom his duty was to be the commander of the Forerunners. He became a frenemy of the Nocturnal Clan especially Shade the Echidna and Ts'akik The Echidna whom were elites to help them fight off the Knuckles Clan whom were their arch enemy. However as soon as the Nocturnal Clan were able to learn the truth of the Knuckles Clan and redeem themselves Lochagos betrayed the clan and led his army to attack them having them every echidna escape and defect to the UNSC. He is the true main antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Brawl Crossover.

Biography Edit

Lochagos was born in the year of 1916, he was trained by Forerunner teachers to learn to fight his opponents. The Forerunners discovered the echidnas a new animal species originating from Australia but now have came and emigrated to Central America building a society and living a more better peaceful utopia than the Forerunners in Riviera Maya. This brought jealously and anger in the Forerunners in wanting to take over the rest of Maya. Lochagos became commander of the Forerunners and led his army in attempt to defeat the echidnas. Somehow the echidnas emerged victorious due to their super strength that outmatched the Forerunners. Angered by defeat, Lochagos ordered the monitor of the Forerunners 343 Guilty Spark to find a warrior strong enough to match the strength of the echidnas. The Forerunners designed an AI construct built to equal the skills of an echidna warrior called Metal Knuckles, a robotic copy of Knuckles the Echidna. Lochagos ordered Metal Knuckles to destroy the echidnas and conquered all of Riviera Maya. Metal Knuckles began to resent, seeing of how his creators are treating him like a pawn. Metal Knuckles turns against Lochagos and his Forerunners and runs away into the jungles of Central America saying that doesn't take orders and is wanting to experience and enjoy life on Earth.